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Our Playground

Is your team international and also colorful in other respects? We communicate very clearly and fluently with you in German, English and Polish. It is in our nature to think beyond the “normal”. Fair play is our top priority: we play fairly, skillfully and at eye level. We accompany you, you accompany us. This keeps both sides moving.

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What connects you and us?

We love growth, creativity and our business. We are relaxed, innovative, honest and fast. We’d rather be evergreens than a flash in the pan. However, there is one striking difference: We are not (yet) financed by investors.

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We like to do business with people we like to do business with. Our offers are as individual as ideas. Are you keen on unique business portraits? Then let’s talk about your thoughts. We’d love to get to know you!

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Business Portraits for start-ups in berlin - photo studio berlin - Hoffotografen

What our clients are saying:

  • “Dear Emily! Thank you very much for the photos and the lines. I had so much fun during the shoot that I went back to the coast like I was on a mini vacation. You did a great job of relaxing me and the pictures are really beautiful and authentic. Many thanks also to Kerstin – I didn’t want to take my make-up off again :)). And also to Christine with her great eye for the photos and her help in making decisions. Now I’m already looking for a reason to come back to you soon :). “
  • “Dear Christine, thank you very much for the beautiful pictures and above all for the great shooting. With your photo-psychological flair, your eye for the essentials and your rousing, good energy, you have once again made sure that there are so many beautiful pictures in which I recognize myself. “
  • “Hello Micha. Once again a big THANK YOU to you. It was a really great experience for me, especially because I was really, really nervous. I felt in very good hands with you! Please keep it up! Love you all and stay healthy. And maybe see you again soon 😉 “
  • “Dear Emely, even if I repeat myself, thank you very much for the great pictures! I’m very happy with it :).”
  • “Dear Christine, I would like to thank you and your great employee for the wonderful experience and the wonderful photos. We will certainly not forget the afternoon in a hurry. I am also very happy that you took such beautiful photos. So, even if I shouldn’t be as fit as I am now, a nice living picture will remain. THANK YOU 🙂 “
  • “Hello Micha, thank you very much for the relaxed shooting! I had a lot of fun! After a democratic voting process among family members, friends and colleagues, I look forward to the photo. Thank you both for a fantastic hour outside of everyday business life. I look forward to when and if we meet again.”
  • “Fantastic pictures! Thank you very much dear Emily. I had so much fun with you and with you. Thanks for a nice experience.”
  • “Dear Christine, thank you very much for the very nice pictures and thank you for the nice meeting with you on Thursday. Isa and I have been very happy about it in the last few days.”
  • “Dear Micha, thank you very much! I think the picture is great. Apart from the result, it was also a really nice experience yesterday! I will definitely recommend you and come back myself.”
  • “Hello Emely, now I could look at the pictures in peace on the PC. I’m very satisfied. They really turned out perfect! Thank you and Kerstin for your great work and the beautiful shoot!”
  • “Oh great! I thank you honestly and with all my heart, Micha! I’m really happy about that. I like it a lot, even though I’m on it myself! Now nothing stands in the way of the application and one thing is certain: if it doesn’t work, it wasn’t because of the photo. Thanks for what you got out of me and the photo. And thank you again for the really relaxed and entertaining shooting.”
  • “Dear Emily, THANK YOU!!! The appointment with you today gave me a positive boost. I am super happy and satisfied with the beautiful shots. I enjoyed the day, including half an hour in the park :-). You have captured my personality very well and it is now very difficult for me to make a decision… Thanks also that I was able to choose in peace at home.”
  • “I had a lot of fun shooting! Thank you for such a relaxed atmosphere. I am very happy about the great photos, wow! You really did magic there. My husband was also delighted. I found it really difficult to choose.”

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Most photographers or photo studios in Berlin want to photograph startups and start-ups. Unfortunately, few manage it and therefore they have no choice but to do business portraits or portraits. Here though, photography is our passion. Micha and Emely are both great photographers. We’re based in Berlin and we love our Berlin Photo Studio. Die Hoffotografen is our company name and we’ve represented it for nearly 25 years. We also create social media content together, headed by our CEO Christine. Photography is photography in English, leadership means leadership in German. Start up, leadership, founder, image and corporate identity are terms that we learned in business coaching. On Mondays we are often in a happy mood and make extra great pictures with extra creativity. Isn’t that cool? Branding should not be confused with surf, nor with personal branding. Berlin is in Europe, which also has good leaders. Director is an obsolete term? Economy and sustainability require good management, we are all human resources who like to be recruited. Image picture instead of image picture sounds better and we can start a lot of networking with that.

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