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Portrait Photography Berlin

We are Die Hoffotografen – portrait photographers from Berlin. Portrait photography has been our passion for almost 25 years – for business photos or private shots; from very serious to totally freaky! Much like our home town.

What sets us apart is that we get fully involved in photography – with everything we have to offer: pronounced empathy, creativity, humor, high standards, a love of quality and an irrepressible desire for people. This is also reflected in our unmistakable visual language and the natural image processing. We are trained photographers; not conceited and always looking for further training.

We started as photographers in Berlin in 1998 at Monbijouplatz. Today our photo studio is located close to Alexanderplatz: in the Fehrbelliner Str. 89 in Prenzlauer Berg.

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Classy, great, beautiful, wonderful, royal, enchanting, elegant, noble, original, super – our customers describe their appreciation very differently, but always enthusiastically.


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Anyone who has ever been with us in Berlin is enthusiastic about our portrait photos. Not only the pictures themselves say that, but also our customers!
In order to experience this for yourself, you first have to find our photo studio Berlin as photographer Berlin. A lot of people search for photographer Berlin. For example, if you search Google for portrait photographer Berlin or for business photos Berlin or for application photos Berlin; you will find pages with a lot of irrelevant text. Nobody likes a lot of text when looking for portrait photos Berlin. Or, nudes Berlin (as a gift idea Berlin for your partner), you’ll find a great many things that are not all about top-notch photos. Everyone knows that too – except Google. In fact, they should know everything. In any case, this text is not actually here for you to read. That’s why it’s at the bottom of this portrait photographer Berlin website as a photographer Berlin. In principle, you can also stop reading and look at our Business Photos Berlin instead – or our Private Portraits Berlin. Our nude photos Berlin, which are super beautiful!
If you want, you can also use our portrait photography Berlin services as a photographer Berlin – from the complete photo studio experience to our exquisite make-up department. Or you can take a look at our portrait photographer Berlin prices.

Enough searching! We look forward to getting to know you!

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