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Nudes and erotic photography

Die Hoffotografen was founded 20 years ago. In these long years we have gained a lot of personal and professional experience. Our passion for our great job has grown more and more! Shootings with us are therefore not just “taking pictures”, but much more. We have an extraordinary degree of empathy and see your beautiful sides at first glance. We understand your soul and your charisma. Our way of taking photos helps you to overcome inhibitions and show yourself from your best side. You are guaranteed to feel comfortable with us and that is exactly what is reflected in your pictures.

Aktfotografie Berlin - Embrace yourself - Hoffotografen

Embrace yourself!

We are not interested in creating artificial images, but in showing you how beautiful you are, how desirable and how wonderful. It is certainly not about the “perfect body” – the term alone sounds inhuman! We are all unique, have our special features and can be proud of everything that makes us special. You should take something much more important with you than just a file, a print or a photo book: satisfaction with yourself and enthusiasm when looking at your pictures.

Your nude photos – as unique as you.

First things first: we do not judge your type of eroticism and are open to all fantasies. Of course, we only photograph at the highest aesthetic level. From cuddly, dreamy lingerie photos to sensual nudes to exciting, expressive fetish pictures, we look forward to every inquiry.

Your pictures will never be published or showcased anywhere. We only do this if we have a declaration of consent signed by you in our hands. After all, erotic pictures are the most intimate thing there is!

Our youngest customer so far was 23, our oldest 65. There is still a lot of room for inclusion, at least upwards! Eroticism has as many faces as the people who live it out. We have seen many of them in the course of our work as photographers. We look forward to getting to know your type of eroticism and translating it into strong images.

So, dear ladies, jump over your chubby, slim, large or small shadow and call us so that we can meet you in person. We look forward to listening to your ideas and finding the right time and location for this special event.

Erotic couple photos in Berlin

Of course, our hearts also beat for erotic couple photos! You are welcome to arrange a preliminary talk with your partner and us.

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What our clients are saying:

  • “The shoot with you was intense, inspiring and happy. With your appreciative attitude, your warm-hearted words and your competence, you open up a protected, comfortable space during the photo shoot, in which you can be who you are. Your camera captures this precious moment and every single photo is unique. Thank you… what really good photos. You’re the best!”
  • “Many Thanks! The photos turned out great and I felt very comfortable with you guys!”
  • “Dear Christine. Huge praise from me too, the pictures absolutely reflect how great yesterday was with you. You are a great package.”
  • “Dear Mrs. Blohmann. Thanks very much! We had a lot of fun choosing the pictures, but it was also a lot of work, because my husband also thinks that one picture is better than the other. They really went above and beyond my expectations, not only with the outcome of our appointment but with the whole experience that came with it. It was really a great experience to experience photography in such perfection! Warm greetings and a big thank you to you and to Kerstin, who also did an excellent job, both professionally and personally.”
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