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Die Hoffotografen say THANK YOU

The last blog of this year! 2018: there’s a fast-paced movie going on in my head. What should I pick out of the many great events and write them down? The most important thing for me is to say THANK YOU. The last 3 years haven’t always been easy, but we’ve managed to get back into top form.

I owe that THANK YOU to my great team, who always support me, make me and our customers happy and create an atmosphere full of professionalism, fun and love.

THANK YOU to all of our wonderful customers. You enrich our working life with your diverse life stories and designs. You make it possible that we are not only allowed to take photos of you, but that every appointment is an experience in which both sides take away so much more than just “we had a photo appointment together”. It is particularly nice when we can be a part of your personal development. This applies to business photos as well as to private photos.

It’s always touching when applicants come up with old career aspirations (what did I originally want to be?), we make the application picture with a lot of encouragement and a few months later an email comes that the new path has been taken.

My erotic appointments with women and couples are just as touching. I always have a huge amount of respect for everyone who shows themselves physically and mentally naked in front of my camera. In these series, the most tears are shed, with happiness, with joy, with emotion, with pride and with relief. THANK YOU for your trust, it makes me happy when I can show you how beautiful you all are!

Health is undoubtedly the most important asset for all of us. Whether physical or mental. Many of our customers are doctors, naturopaths, psychologists, therapists and coaches by profession.

There is a lot of talking during the photo sessions, you exchange ideas and enrich each other! Personally, an outstanding doctor of integrative medicine helped me to get rid of my psoriasis completely. Strange but true! During recordings on location in her beautiful practice in Dahlem, we struck up a conversation and I promptly had an appointment as a patient. For that, a big THANK YOU Ms. Ehrhorn! I am very glad that I chose you, Die Hoffotografen, for your practice shots and that we were able to get to know each other as a result. THANK YOU also to your great team. One can only feel comfortable with you!

Hoffotografen Berlin Portraitstudio Business Portraits

My daughter suffered from a needle phobia for many years. She finally got over it with the help of another client of mine: the fascinating Marey Grunewald. She practices neurocoaching, mental training and conversational hypnosis in Zehlendorf. THANK YOU MAREY!

Hoffotografen Berlin Portraitstudio Business Portraits

It never ceases to impress me tremendously what can be created here in the studio!

So, now it’s getting a little more official: we not only celebrated our 20th company anniversary in 2018 (oh god that was nice!!), but also received an important award in October 2018: the full status of the “Equal Opportunities in Crafts” seal of quality in the course of the project “Women Strengthen Crafts”. The examination period was an informative process, through which Marie Prescher and Anna Mikheeva from kos GmbH accompanied us with a lot of commitment and positive input. THANK YOU to both of you and everyone involved! We are proud and have learned a lot about ourselves and our studio.

Hoffotografen Berlin Portraitstudio Business Portraits

Hoffotografen Berlin Portraitstudio Business Portraits

Copyright: Carina C. Kirchner

After the grateful look back, we look optimistically and full of joyful expectation into the New Year.

We’re excited to see who and what’s coming up. We look forward to working with our regular customers again and getting to know new customers, to joint social projects with aid organizations that are dear to our hearts and to creative projects in which we can let off steam.

Hoffotografen Berlin Portraitstudio Business Portraits

Happy New Year everyone and make your dreams come true!

© Die Hoffotografen Berlin